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Item #: SCP-4052

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-4052's lid should be secured. SCP-4052 should be kept in its original packaging and stored in a large-size secure locker. Use of SCP-4052 for testing, research, or practical application is to be restricted to Level 2 personnel with supervision from at least two Level 3 staff.

Description: SCP-4052 is a green, plastic, turtle-shaped sandbox. Removing the lid reveals a layer of play sand 5 cm deep.

SCP-4052's original packaging is a large, white, cardboard box of dimensions 2 m x 2 m x 0.25 m with "The Seismic Sandbox" written across the top in large, red letters. The box artwork depicts two children sitting inside SCP-4052 playing and laughing.

SCP-4052's packaging reads:

Tired of your own, boring, sandbox? Discover the world beneath your feet with the Seismic Sandbox! Discover lava pools! Caves! Gemstones! And more! The only limit is your imagination!

When SCP-4052 is placed on soil, dirt, rock, or sand, the sand inside SCP-4052 shifts to resemble a scale model of the nearby terrain in a 3-Dimensional radius of 2 km. Lifting up SCP-4052 or replacing the lid causes the sand to collapse back into a flat layer. Bumping, shifting, or tilting SCP-4052 will not change the sand or the corresponding terrain.

When any amount of sand inside SCP-4052 is shifted, the terrain upon which it is currently modeling shifts as well. For example, lightly dragging a finger through the sand will produce a trench in the corresponding location. See Video Transcript 4052-00.

Likewise, altering the terrain that SCP-4052 is currently modeling will change the formation of sand inside SCP-4052.

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