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Item #: SCP-4065

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The ownership of SCP-4065 has been purchased by a Foundation front company ("Sammy's Consumer Palace"), and SCP-4065 is to be continuously closed to the public via a cover story involving the site being renovated for a new grocery chain. Any civilians who attempt to enter SCP-4065 must be detained, debriefed, and administered amnestics before being released, well before they make contact with any instances of SCP-4065-1. Remains of SCP-4065-1 instances found within SCP-4065 are to be identified within the structure prior to disposal.

Foundation staff are no longer permitted within SCP-4065 except for in the event of a containment breach. Twice a week, exploration efforts are to be undertaken by D-Class personnel so that dangerous items from SCP-4065's aisles can be recovered and disposed of appropriately, in order to minimize potential for damage in the event of a containment breach.

During exploration within SCP-4065, D-Class personnel should be instructed to avoid giving instances of SCP-4065-1 requests or demands which will cause them to harm themselves or other instances of SCP-4065-1, unless this is a part of testing parameters. In addition, no access is allowed to areas labelled "EMPLOYEES ONLY" for any reason, at any time. Individuals entering these areas of either their own free will or by other means are to be considered lost. No rescue operations are to be conducted following the entry of Foundation personnel into an "EMPLOYEES ONLY" area, as these attempts would only result in further casualties.

Foundation staff who wish to obtain an item from SCP-4065 for study or personal use must first obtain permission from a member of Level 4 Research Staff in charge of overseeing work surrounding SCP-4065. After submitting a request, there will be a 48-hour waiting period before receiving either confirmation or denial of the submitted request. If the request is approved, the item will be obtained during the next scheduled exploration by a member of D-Class.

Due to SCP-4065's antimemetic properties, it is recommended that any information obtained by D-Class personnel during exploration of SCP-4065 is collected immediately after retrieval, in order to prevent any loss of information.

At no point should any reference be made to the asshole upstairs by any other title or alias in either speech or writing. The phrase the asshole upstairs has been authorized for use in official Foundation material in order to provide information about the asshole upstairs while avoiding a nomenclature breach. Personnel working with SCP-4065 are to be informed regarding the nature of the asshole upstairs by Level 4 Personnel who are also working with SCP-4065.

If for any reason the asshole upstairs should manifest, one of two protocols is to be enacted dependent upon whether or not the asshole upstairs manifests within or outside of SCP-4065:

In the event that a Foundation staff member or member of D-Class is responsible for a nomenclature breach, they are to be quarantined for a period of time no less than 48 hours. If at that time they are still present in the quarantine area, they are free to be released from containment, though disciplinary action will follow.

Description: SCP-4065 is a former grocery store in the town of ████████, Illinois. The store is named "Big Papa Porky's Grub Zone". Advertising material and in-store reference material states that the building is one of several in a grocery chain, with other locations supposedly existing throughout the Midwest United States. However, investigation efforts have failed in locating any other grocery establishments under this name or linked to SCP-4065 in any way.

SCP-4065 possesses a standard size for a grocery store, measuring out to 13,716 m2 of floorspace. The layout is also standard for a retail building. SCP-4065 appears to be an attempted recreation of the ████████ chain of grocery stores, as evidenced by the visual similarity between the two stores' advertising material, layouts, and [REDACTED]. Of note is that the store contains no fire suppression sprinklers, fire extinguishers, security cameras, television screens, or telephones.

Rather than aisles containing standard grocery items, the aisles of SCP-4065 are made up of a mix of standard items as well as items that would not normally be sold in such an establishment, with a number of the items being either illegal or anomalous in nature. In addition, many of the items sold in SCP-4065 are sold far below projected market values, with some prices going as low as 6% of the original value of the item.

A following list of aisles within SCP-4065 and items sold within each aisle can be found in the table below, for reference:

Aisle # Aisle Name Contents
1 BAKING A collection of supplies for baking, including but not limited to cake mix, cooking utensils, mixing bowls, pie crusts, cooking sheets, molds, sugar, flour, et cetera.
2 CLEANING SUPPLIES Various cleaning supplies, including but not limited to rubber gloves, mops, brooms, buckets, dish soap, air freshener, sponges, et cetera.
3 PETS A wide selection of pet-related materials, including but not limited to dog food, cat food, litter, chew toys, cat climbing trees, hamster wheels, bones, collars, and leashes. In addition, there are also several large plastic containers containing hunks of human flesh, live rats, dead fish, and several samples of [REDACTED].
4 NATURAL ORGANIC A number of items advertised as being made from natural ingredients, with most items being non-GMO or gluten-free. Also contains a number of natural supplements and spices, as well as several containers of an as-of-yet unidentified rapidly-growing mold sample. Personnel assigned to exploration state that they have felt the aisle "speak to them" on several occasions, though recording equipment was unable to confirm these claims. Personnel also report feeling a low breeze, and tasting large amounts of mint and spinach.
5 CANDIES A large amount of various candy items. None of the items possess company branding of any kind, examples including large chocolate bars simply labelled "CHOCOLATE BAR" and packs of mint chips simply labelled "MINT CIRCLES". Consumption of items from aisle #5 invariably results in a massive increase of energy via the sudden acquisition of █████mg of caffeine and sugar regardless of how much of a product from this aisle is actually consumed. This is followed by sporadic increases in the rate of tooth decay in the individual who consumed an item, inevitably resulting in a full loss of all teeth, and following this, the lower jaw, over a random period of time ranging anywhere from █ days to █ months.
6 OFFICE SUPPLIES A varied collection of office equipment, including paper, pens, notebooks, desk lamps, staplers, paper clips, pins, et cetera. Since Foundation began containment of SCP-4065 in ██/██/20██, aisle #6 has gained a number of other items, such as desktop computers, laptops, flash drives, antivirus software, lab coats in a variety of sizes, padlocks, tactical bulletproof vests, night-vision goggles, coffee, and several bobbleheads which appear to bear a strong resemblance to SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-███.
7 KIL!! [sic] A wide variety of various different weapons from different eras. Items include but are not limited to revolvers, hunting rifles, submachine guns, plastic explosives, swords, knives, grenades, power tools, sniper rifles, civilian-grade sidearms, [REDACTED], barbed wire, sandbags, vials of deadly neurotoxins, et cetera. However, aisle #7 does not contain any standard firearm ammunition, and many of the items are faulty or function below optimal levels.
8 BREAD The entire aisle is made up of loaves of "PORKY'S BREAD". Loaves are indistinguishable from loaves of regular white bread available in other grocery stores. Notably, on all of the price tags, there is no price displayed, as with the other items within SCP-4065. Instead, the word "NO" is displayed. Instances of SCP-4065-1 refuse to sell bread from aisle #8 to customers under any circumstances, and bread removed from SCP-4065 results in a manifestation of the asshole upstairs.
9 COOK This aisle is made up of various canned goods, including canned beans, canned fruit, canned vegetables, canned soup, et cetera. Several cans do not have labels, and are not capable of being opened through any means. Sounds of several different animals growling at once can be heard from these cans, and occasionally the cans will move to different areas of the store through unknown means while not under direct observation. Also of note is the fact that there are no can openers anywhere in the store.
10 HYGIENE This aisle contains various personal hygiene implements, such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes, dental floss, hair dye, tweezers, et cetera. However, this aisle also contains a number of instruments with surgical origin, such as scalpels, vials of unknown anesthetic substances, IV bags, hospital gowns, bone-saws, suturing kits, bandages, et cetera.

Individuals who enter SCP-4065 are able to remember that they took a trip to the store, but they are incapable of remembering certain details regarding their visit following their exit from the premises. These details include the nature of SCP-4065-1 instances, the contents of the store's aisles, time spent within the store, and significant events that occurred during their trip.

If these details are restated to them outside of SCP-4065, they will then be able to recall their visit with perfect clarity. However, this clarity fades away over time, and the individual must be periodically reminded of their visit to SCP-4065 to maintain full knowledge of the details of their trip. This effect does not seem to extend to gaining knowledge of SCP-4065 while well outside of the actual building, either through the usage of audio/video footage, word of mouth, or official documentation. The only knowledge that is lost over time is recollection of the details of personal experiences within the structure itself.

It is unknown how SCP-4065 is able to maintain electricity, water, and regular maintenance. Reference materials and financial documents dated both prior to and after Foundation involvement (obtained either from the service desk or from requests given to SCP-4065-1 instances) show that SCP-4065 maintains a regular accumulation of profit, regardless of how much business the store actually receives. In addition, it is unknown how SCP-4065 maintains its stock, as no vendor trucks have ever arrived at SCP-4065's rear entrance to deliver materials or items.

Any individual who enters an "EMPLOYEES ONLY" area will disappear, with radio contact completely failing1. Individuals who have entered "EMPLOYEES ONLY" areas will subsequently reappear as an instance of SCP-4065-1 after a period of time ranging from 2 to 3 weeks.

SCP-4065-1 is the collective classification given to the workers who inhabit SCP-4065. Instances of SCP-4065-1 resemble human individuals, with ages of SCP-4065-1 instances being in the 16-19 year age range, on average, though outliers exist, with the oldest recorded instance of SCP-4065-1 being 35 years of age, and the youngest recorded instance of SCP-4065-1 being 14 years of age.

SCP-4065-1 instances have all been confirmed to share similarities with individuals who have gone missing in the area, though the names on their name tags do not match up with those of missing persons.

Instances of SCP-4065-1 all wear bright red button-up shirts with long sleeves, fitted blue jeans, plastic clip-on name tags, and plastic masks resembling the cartoon pig mascot that SCP-4065 is named after, evidently called "Big Papa Porky".

SCP-4065-1 instances are unable to remove their masks through any means. To date, any efforts to remove the plastic masks from the faces of SCP-4065-1 instances has been met with failure, even during autopsies of deceased instances. SCP-4065-1 instances do not voice discomfort against efforts to remove the masks, but they do exhibit body language consistent with a sudden and powerful instance of anxiety or panic, with testing of vital signs during these attempts supporting this observation.

SCP-4065-1 instances are described by personnel assigned to SCP-4065 exploration duties as "friendly", "considerate", "kind", and "happy". Interviews of D-Class and personnel assigned to exploration duties have consistently resulted in the majority of interviewees stating they enjoyed their stay within SCP-4065, as well as interacting with instances of SCP-4065-1. However, there are several exceptions to this trend, with some interviewed individuals stating that they found the presence of the SCP-4065-1 instances disturbing or deeply uncomfortable in some way. It is unknown if either one of these sets of opinion is naturally occurring, or if they are instead another result of the anomalous properties of SCP-4065.

SCP-4065-1 instances carry out the typical roles of staff members in a grocery business, including bagging, cashiering, stocking, janitorial duties, greeting, et cetera. The only exception is cart pushers2, as SCP-4065 possesses none, with customers having to bring carts in from outside, themselves. In the course of their duties, instances of SCP-4065-1 will obey any command given to them by an individual who has entered from outside SCP-4065, treating them as a customer. SCP-4065-1 instances continue working without break continuously. They will not move from their scheduled routes or posts, and do not require sustenance or rest, or to excrete waste.

Instances of SCP-4065-1 will obey commands from "customers" even when said commands will result in severe maiming or death of themselves or other instances of SCP-4065-1.

Through continued interviewing of SCP-4065-1 instances, it has been determined that, prior to Foundation involvement, SCP-4065-1 instances have accepted commands including but not limited to:

  • Fist-fight other SCP-4065-1 instances
  • Kill other SCP-4065-1 instances
  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Tell jokes
  • Take a nap
  • Check the time
  • Check the weather
  • Cry
  • Give 35 coupons to a customer
  • Allow a customer to leave with 57 cans of sliced peaches without paying
  • Swallow a whole eggplant in under thirty seconds
  • Place all of a customer's items in one paper bag without it breaking
  • Die
  • Commit suicide
  • Perform the pledge of allegiance

SCP-4065-1 instances will not accept commands that would likely result in the harm or death of another "customer", or require them to exit SCP-4065. Instances of SCP-4065-1 will also not accept requests to remove any part of their uniforms, reacting with particular alarm to any request to remove their masks.

If an instance of SCP-4065-1 is physically unable to fulfill a request within the aforementioned guidelines, they will transform into a pile of dust. This also occurs if an instance of SCP-4065-1 steps outside of the building for any reason, either due to being in their "panicked" state or due to being pulled out by outside forces. Despite this resulting in their death, SCP-4065-1 instances will not fight back against individuals attempting to force them out of the store. Analysis of the resulting powder concludes that it is made up of a mixture of breadcrumbs, garlic powder, onion powder, sugar, and ashes. The dust possess an initial temperature of 65°C following transformation, so personnel are advised to avoid contact with any instances of it until sufficient cooling.

Instances of SCP-4065-1 appear to be physically unstable. Instances will slowly develop a number of harmful medical symptoms without concrete origin, including but not limited to: intense nausea, vomiting, coughing, heart palpitations, temperature imbalances, increased bone fragility, et cetera. Instances with these symptoms will typically survive for a period of █ to █ months before all vital signs cease and the instance collapses. SCP-4065-1 instances will never ask for assistance or acknowledge the existence of these ailments. SCP-4065-1 instances who die in this manner rather than due to failing an order or going outside of SCP-4065 will not transform into dust, but will instead remain as solid corpses. After one month of time has passed, an SCP-4065-1 instance identical to the deceased instance will emerge from one of the "EMPLOYEES ONLY" areas. SCP-4065-1 instances who are transformed into dust will not be resurrected in this manner.

If at any point the asshole upstairs manifests within SCP-4065, SCP-4065-1 instances will enter a "panicked" state, where they will begin attempting to put as much distance between themselves and the asshole upstairs as possible, often injuring themselves or others in the process in their haste. SCP-4065-1 instances may even attempt to exit SCP-4065 entirely during their "panicked" state. This "panicked" state typically lasts up to two hours after the asshole upstairs has ceased a period of manifestation.

Addendum SCP-4065-01: the asshole upstairs
Due to the risk associated with dissemination of information regarding nomenclative infohazards related to SCP-4065, the following material requires a Level 4 clearance. If you do not possess a high enough clearance, but you are assigned work involving SCP-4065, you are expected to receive briefing from a Level 4 Head Researcher.

Addendum SCP-4065-2: Interview Log
The following is a series of interviews with SCP-4065-1 instances, conducted by both D-Class personnel with radio headsets linking them to SCP-4065 research staff. Also included is an audio log created by Agent Andrew Julius (deceased).

Addendum SCP-4065-03: The following are a series of pieces of notebook paper, presumably from a personal journal, found in the garbage bin at one of the checkout lanes during an exploration of SCP-4065. They have writing in them, and are currently believed to have been written by an instance of SCP-4065-1.

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