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Mugshot was taken after initial Site-88 containment.

Item #: SCP-4128

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4128 is to be held in a Humanoid Containment Cell. The cell should be modified to fit the following specifications:

  • Walls should be constructed using modular concrete panels, made from a special proprietary blend of concrete and additives for extreme strength.
  • Each individual panel should measure 30 cm in width. Additionally, it is advised that these panels be lined with a polyether-based polyurethane padding with viscoelastic properties.
  • A Class 2 Titan Vault Door is to be installed in replacement of standard cell entry-way.
  • Standard Ventilation is to be installed with a separated gas supply system. In the event of a containment breach, the system will dispense a Class-B S.N.A. (Sedative Nerve Agent).

Transport teams of SCP-4128 should be equipped with an administrative anesthetic in the form of a gaseous agent. SCP-4128 is currently held within Site-88 on Floor 18. An on-site psychiatrist should conduct a full psychological evaluation check every two weeks.

Description: SCP-4128 is a human male formerly know as Samson Sachs. The entity claims to be 108 years old, despite appearance being that of middle age. Saliva-based testing has confirmed genetic makeup to be of human origin.

SCP-4128's most notable anomalous property is its incredible mark of strength and endurance. SCP-4128 is capable of lifting 3,500 kg with ease and shows great effort when lifting over 20,000 kg. Additionally, SCP-4128 can sprint at a top speed of approximately 85 km/h, as well as perform an 18-meter vertical leap. The epidermic cells of the entity appear to be formed from a polymeric protein, giving the entity an innate ability to withstand extreme physical trauma. SCP-4128 bones are eight times denser than that of the average human.1

Discovery: SCP-4128's existence was first discovered in 1975 through the Foundation’s A.S.R.P.2, when correlating reports of a man performing impossible feats of strength came to light. First confirmed instance by the Foundation occurred when witnesses reported a semi-truck accident in ██████, Belgium. A woman reportedly lodged the front half of her car under a tractor-trailer. While awaiting first-responders, a man, described as wearing a red coat3, approached the vehicle and proceeded to pull it out by the frame.

A cover story disguised the incident as an instance of hysterical strength. Following this event, a forty-eight-year hunt for SCP-4128 ensued, before recovery on ███ ██, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York. This event is detailed in Recovery Incident Document-4128.

A sample timeline of notable confirmed SCP-4128 activities, designated as L.E. (Limited Edition) Events, are reported within Evidence Documentation-4128-L.E.0138:

Complete access to the full timeline must be approved by current Site-88 Director, Dr. Phillip Foster.

Addendum 4128-A1: It is currently theorized that SCP-4128 is affected by a rare case of myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, a condition caused by a mutation in the MSTN gene.5 SCP-4128 appears to possess an amplified form of this genetic malfunction.

One would assume that SCP-4128 has immense muscular proportions previously unseen in humanoid anatomy. However, I can find no physical difference between the entity and any other athlete. If we're being completely honest, the guy has a bit of a pudge.
-Dr. Andrew Winstabt

Addendum 4128-A2: In a recent checkup, it was discovered that SCP-4128 had gradually been losing hearing in its left ear due to excessive bone growth putting pressure on the cranial nerves. Request for a hearing aid is pending approval. SCP-4128 has reported suffering minor seizures in the past; researchers are required to provide immediate notice to medical staff should another lapse occur.

Addendum 4128-B1: A series of interviews were conducted in order to uncover the origin of SCP-4128's anomalous properties and the motivation behind the entity's activities. The following are transcriptions of the video logs:

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