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The following file is Level 3/4320 classified and contains Level 4/4320 classified information. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


3/4320 LEVEL 3/4320



Item #: SCP-4320

Object Class: Euclid

NOTE: This page contains supplementary documentation and an updated description and containment procedures for SCP-4320. Changes from the original version of this page are indicated in blue.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Webcrawler 4320 is to monitor and track all mentions of and information regarding SCP-4320 and its subdesignations in order to isolate and properly monitor SCP-4320-2 individuals.

Mobile Task Force Pi-32 ("Moonwatcher Watchers") are to seek out and gather information on SCP-4320-2 individuals of interest to the Foundation, attempting to apprehend or recruit them if necessary.

Currently, the Foundation employs 39 37 SCP-4320-2 individuals (1 administrator, 19 site staff, 14 13 field personnel, and 5 4 long-term D-Class personnel) and is aware of the identity, personal details, and whereabouts of 13,827 more, 82 of whom are known to be affiliated with major Groups of Interest. An additional 354 of these individuals have been made aware of the Foundation's existence and agreed to indirectly assist in efforts to suppress public knowledge of SCP-4320 under Procedure 4320-Apollo.

Under no circumstances are members of SCP-4320-2 to be allowed in the vicinity of SCP-4320-1.

Description: SCP-4320 is the collective designation for two three separate but interconnected anomalies:

  • SCP-4320-1 is a second major natural satellite of the Earth. Despite being the same approximate size as the planet Mars and with a orbital semi-major axis distance only 1.72 times that of Luna, SCP-4320-1 has no apparent effect on its surrounding celestial neighborhood. Unlike Luna, SCP-4320-1 is not tidally locked relative to Earth.
  • SCP-4320-2 is a group of individuals comprising roughly 0.00025% of the world population. SCP-4320-2 are defined by their ability to see SCP-4320-1 while others cannot.
  • SCP-4320-3 is a humanoid civilization that inhabited SCP-4320-1 at an indeterminate point in the past. See Mission Report 4320-A for further information regarding SCP-4320-3.

SCP-4320-1 is a natural satellite in orbit of the Earth only visible to members of SCP-4320-2. However, travel to and visibility of SCP-4320-1 is possible by those individuals who are not SCP-4320-2, but these individuals will only report being able to see SCP-4320-1 while within a variable distance of its surface (the distance varies with each individual, as well as with several other unidentified variables). Additionally, they will not report SCP-4320-1 'appearing' in their vision, only that "it was always there but only [at that moment] did [they] notice it" (Captain Mendez, MTF Pi-32). Any artifacts or samples taken outside of SCP-4320-1's 'visibility radius' will not exhibit its anomalous properties.

SCP-4320-2's collective ability to see SCP-4320-1 regardless of distance appears to occur on a genetic basis, with offspring of SCP-4320-2 having roughly a 25% chance of being SCP-4320-2 themselves. 'Carriers' of the SCP-4320-2 gene can also pass it on to their own offspring, who also have a chance to inherit SCP-4320-2 status. If both parents of a child are SCP-4320-2 or carriers of the corresponding gene, the offspring is exponentially more likely to inherit the ability themselves, as are their eventual offspring.

SCP-4320-1 has an argon-rich nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere similar to that of Earth's and large bodies of freshwater. Scattered across the surface of SCP-4320-1 are the remnants of what appears to be a highly advanced humanoid civilization (see Expedition Log 4320-A for more information). No life has ever been detected on SCP-4320-1, but robotic entities have been encountered, including what appear to be maintenance drones. In addition, these cities are perfectly livable, and appear to have been lived in for several hundred to possibly even thousands of years, but contain powerful spatial-temporal anomalies (see Expedition Log 4320-A and Interview Log 4320-A for further information). It is presumed that the maintenance drones have kept the cities from falling into a state of disrepair, but how they have continued to function for as long as they have (samples date them as having been manufactured between 5000 and 10000 years ago) is unknown.

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