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Anomalous Item Entry

Item #: SCP-4621

Object Class: Euclid Uncontained

Last updated by D. Giannaris
Display version: Level 2/4621 [Redacted Elements: 0 | Redaction supervisor: D. Giannaris ten.pcs.hcrsr|sirannaig.d#ten.pcs.hcrsr|sirannaig.d ]

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-4621 is currently uncontained within the Black Forest of Germany and is to be classified as Keter upon successful containment. Its last known location was outside of Feldberg. SCP-4621 is to be reclassified a Keter-level threat until further notice.

All forest fires created by SCP-4621 are to be contained with minimal involvement of local fire services. MTF-β-6 ("Flower of Battle") is to engage with SCP-4621 as appropriate to keep it away from population centers. Personnel who are not experts in hand-to-hand combat are not to approach SCP-4621 under any circumstances.


SCP-4621 has been reclassified as the hostile entity formerly described as SCP-4621-2. SCP-4621 is a hostile humanoid entity composed of fire and plasma, occurring in a solid state through unknown anomalous means. SCP-4621 is hostile to all humans and will attempt to terminate any persons approaching its line of sight. SCP-4621 has heretofore always been observed to be wielding a German-style longsword.

Containment Efforts

Attached by Dr. L. Oliviera ten.pcs.hcrsr|areivilo.l#ten.pcs.hcrsr|areivilo.l

Attached Addenda

Addendum 1: Excerpts from Subject 16's Journal

The following are excerpts from the mandated personal journal of Andrej Kowalczyk.

Lt. Kowalczyk did not attempt to defend himself on the 342nd day of containment. SCP-4621-2 had demonstrated significant improvements in its combat ability over the course of the time that Lt. Kowalczyk contained it. It's estimated that SCP-4621-2 would have overpowered Lt. Kowalczyk within the next month.

Prepared by Dr. C. Zartion ten.pcs.dem|noitraz.c#ten.pcs.dem|noitraz.c

Addendum 2: Transcription of SCP-4621

Transcription of the extra sections of SCP-4621 is available as a contiguous story of the fencing master Fiore Dei Liberi traveling through the German states during his study of the European schools for the writing of Fior di Battaglia. It's hypothesized that SCP-4621 is the original manuscript of Fior di Battaglia. The story is recounted as three encounters with an unnamed Germanic nobleman.

Prepared by C. Zartion ten.pcs.dem|noitraz.c#ten.pcs.dem|noitraz.c

Addendum 3: Re-classification of SCP-4621

Following the death of Lt. Kowalcyzk, Cpt. Giancarlo DeLuca petitioned to be allowed to contain SCP-4621-2. As a practitioner of the Liberi school of Italian swordsmanship, he was uniquely qualified to contain SCP-4621-2 . While initially opposed by the containment director, a direct override by Director Diaghilev and Commander Donnarson allowed him to take up the post. Cpt. DeLuca spent exactly one night containing SCP-4621-2.

Of note, the Zartion-Diaghilev Somnambulus produces transcriptions through the subject's stream of consciousness. As such any mistakes, divergences, or word choice is purely based on the subject's mental description of their dream-state.

After these events, an entity matching SCP-4621-2's description was sighted in the Black Forest in Germany, leading SCP-4621-2 to be reclassified as SCP-4621. Cpt. DeLuca is no longer classified as SCP-4621-1.

Prepared by C. Zartion ten.pcs.dem|noitraz.c#ten.pcs.dem|noitraz.c

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