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A security keycard under the effect of SCP-4730

Special Containment Procedures: All containment areas at Site-70 are to be kept at least 300 meters away from any door requiring level 4 or higher security clearance and have at least one 50 cm thick steel wall obstructing direct line of sight between them. A MTF Nu-7 battery of at least 120 members are to remain stationed at Site-70 in complement to its standing armed guard force of 1000. All members of Site-70 personnel are to be given access and required to read all level 4 or lower information concerning SCP entities contained on site.


Main containment facility of Site-70

Areas around affected doors are to be guarded with mounted weaponry and staffed as appropriate for the weapons and tactics currently used by SCP-4730-3. Longer periods of time between SCP-4730 activations warrant additional guards and firepower per the stationed Nu-7 captain's advisement.


Security camera image of SCP-4730-3 unit moving through the Site-70 main containment facility in Incident 4730-A

Description: SCP-4730 is an anomaly that affects a randomly chosen level 4 or higher security card at Site-70 every 2 to 40 days and activates upon use on a level 4 door. Upon activation, a portal, designated SCP-4730-1, is opened to an alternate universe, designated SCP-4730-2. The opposite side of the portal will be occupied by a waiting, heavily armed force designated SCP-4730-3. Autopsies of SCP-4730-3 entities shows they are genetically and anatomically human.

SCP-4730-3 instances will engage with stationed guards in armed combat with varying technology and tactics. SCP-4730-3 tactics are typically based around use of Gauss1 weapons and combat drones (both aerial and terrestrial) but have utilized biological, chemical, anomalous, and radiation based weaponry on rare occasions.

When SCP-4730-3 encounters a member of Site-70 research personnel with security clearance 4 or higher, SCP-4730-3 will attempt to apprehend and extract them through SCP-4730-1. When SCP-4730-3 encounter another SCP contained at Site-70, they will follow appropriate capture procedures for that entity and attempt to bring them to SCP-4730-2.


I have received numerous complaints concerning the amount of required reading at Site-70. The list of entities contained here alone should justify our insistence. The next time one of those cards activate and a 4730-3 puts a 50 Kg slug through ████'s enclosure, I want even the damn janitors to know how to contain it.

If you need further reason to not die horribly, take a look at the below.

Read. The. Procedures.

— Cpt. Stephan Pelterie, Stationed Nu-7 Commander

Access outside Site-70 Detected, Level 4 or Higher Clearance Required

Login to record security clearance and access location information

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