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A vehicle that resembles SCP-4801-1-08 found in the book France in the 21st Century.

4/4801 LEVEL 4/4801



Item #: SCP-4801

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Strike Team 4277 and MTF Gamma-97 ("Polaris Nail") are to monitor for any information leaks on interstellar object 1I/2017 U1 (or ʻOumuamua.) Public relations managers are to censor and filter anomalous details on xenomorphic spacecraft logged by space observatories. These details are to be condensed into acceptable and mainstream observations for the scientific community. This applies to any observations made on the constellation of Lyra.

Level-3 psychologists familiar with SCP-4801's mental condition as per PROJECT EC directorates are to communicate with SCP-4801. They are to critique SCP-4801-1 instances in bad faith and direct them away from Earth in order to prevent XK-IMPACT-EVENT scenario.

Apollodorus-Mk I through -XI are to monitor inbound and outbound communications to SCP-4801. Additionally, they are to snapshot visual logs of SCP-4801's various states during SCP-4801-1 construction.

Description: SCP-4801 is a sapient echidna (Tachyglossidae). It measures 1257km in radius and orbits Vega, a star located in the constellation of Lyra, at an average distance of 1.3 AU. Current information on SCP-4801 is ascertained by Apollodorus satellite observations and through communications with the entity.

Spatially, SCP-4801 appears curled into an oblate sphere, presumably as a "defensive" position. Its surface area is aligned with Dyson panels composed of carbon nanotubes. This allows for an absorption rate of ~341 yottawatts of solar radiation which fuel the organic megastructure. Spinal columns that stand atop SCP-4801 hold spacecraft (designated SCP-4801-1 instances) which are incubated for a period of time.1

An SCP-4801-1 instance initially begins its life-cycle as a foetal mass until processed and developed by a complex system of heat-resistant, mechanical arms affixed to the walls of the column. A placenta-like fluid consisting of carbon-fuel and metal alloy pellets envelopes the SCP-4801-1 instance throughout this duration. Specialized hammers and mechanical presses exert an excess of 6,000 tonnes upon alloys, which are then pressurized, flattened, and molded into appropriate frames. The development of engines, rockets, and propulsion modules are prioritized over all other organs of the SCP-4801-1 instance. Energy harvesting/storage interfaces, communication transponders, and a "neural brain"2 are engineered last. The base root of a column act as supplementary rockets used for initial propulsion.

An acrylic sealant is sprayed onto SCP-4801-1 exteriors by modules resembling pressurized airbrushes. SCP-4801 has shown a strong emotional investment in preserving accurate iconography and colors to instances modeled after historical spacecraft.

34% of SCP-4801-1 instances may become SCP-4801-2 satellites that nearly universally orbit SCP-4801. They are capable of receiving and producing radio frequencies between 30 MHz to 30 GHz that appear to travel at superluminal velocities. SCP-4801 may conduct rapid, partial conversations with terrestrial communication relays via anomalous transponders.

66% of SCP-4801-1 instances exit the Lyra system at escape velocity. SCP-4801-1 instances vary in size and anatomy. They are built based on what SCP-4801 believes is capable of astronautical navigation. Upon lift-off, SCP-4801-1 shed exteriors made of dermal bone, water-ice crust, silicate, amniotic fluid, and iron-nickel materials. Afterward, the spacecraft will attempt to move through space with its method of acceleration. The following is a list of known SCP-4801-1 instances tracked by Apollodorus-Mk IV and reviewed by Dr. Blackmoor:

Designation Description Date Status
SCP-4801-1-00 SCP-4801-2 Replica of SCP-4801 measuring 10km in radius. It is highly damaged and incapable of accessing its propulsion systems as it "tumbles" through space. Presumed at first to be a solar sail. See Addenda-4801-β for more information. 19 October 2017 Reviewed.
SCP-4801-1-01 Replica of the Soyuz 1 with over 1971 augmented Soyuz-11A511 rockets. All experienced catastrophic failure. Derelict debris labeled "Kuzma's mother" on the hull were observed. Significant gamma-ray bursts and electromagnetic radiation consistent with exoatmospheric nuclear explosions were also noted. 01 January 2018 Reviewed.
SCP-4801-1-02 67 automobiles stacked on top of one another with unknown adhesives. Immediately, each dispersed toward different directions post-launch. The word "VOLTRON" was indented on the license plate of a truck. 12 January 2018 Reviewed.
SCP-4801-1-03 Replica of the SpaceX Dragon with regenerating Falcon Heavy rockets made of bone and sinew. Fleshy sacks3 experienced immediate deflation and then rupture. Blood clots, cranium (in the shape of a rocket head), and vertebrae experienced immediate expulsion. SCP-4801-1-03's CRS (commercial resupply service) capsule was completely unharmed. 03 March 2018 Reviewed.
SCP-4801-1-04 Five 800mx600m photon sails orbiting around an unknown spherical mass exerting 10,000 lumens. Orbiting the mass's gravitational sphere is a biome covered in transparent ceramics. It contains rainforests made of plastic, indistinct apartment complexes, and cascading railway systems. Signs, billboards, and visual displays all state "PLEASE REVIEW." 21 July 2018 Reviewed.
SCP-4801-1-07 Yellow submarine with four inanimate humanoid figures looking out from circular windows. These humanoids are estimated to be ~6km in height. 23 July 2018 Reviewed.
SCP-4801-1-08 Zeppelin with an outer frame comprised of shatterproof aluminum and a gondola made completely of rosewood. On the gondola's frontend is a 150m long analog autocannon. A French flag stands on a crow's nest above. Canon de 12 Gribeauval artillery protrude from the window slits on the broadsides. An extra layer of polypropylene polymer panels covers the rudder, rotating tail fans, and several vital components protecting -08's engine compartments. 25 November 2018 Reviewed.
SCP-4801-1-09 Prototype model of the TRUNNION SERAFINUS MK-III.4 Each component on SCP-4801-1-09 is analog. Bronze valve networks connect an iron-wrought furnace capable of thermonuclear fusion to an envelope commonly found on hot air balloons. The spacecraft's exteriors are fully exposed. Moving pistons, clockwork gears, and networks of kinetic linkages cover it. A cow plow is welded onto the frontward head of the spacecraft. It is theorized that this component formed naturally as a response to hazardous debris that damaged previous instances upon liftoff. 30 November 2018 Reviewed.

❯❯❯ Addenda-4801: Manifest & Discovery ❮❮❮

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