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Item #: SCP-4986

Object Class: Neutralized


The stamp that appears on all instances of SCP-4986-1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4986-3-B is to be contained in a ten centimeter thick lead safe in Hazmat area B. The safe is not to be opened unless full radiation suits are worn. SCP-4986-3-B is never to be opened unless greater radiation resistant technology is created.

Description: SCP-4986 is an unknown entity that goes by the name “a friend”. This entity is able to deliver letters and packages of varying sizes directly to Researcher Jordan Kyle’s office at Site 28 without detection. The letters and packages are all written to Researcher Jordan but the written titles are unique to each letter.

All letters from SCP-4986 are designated SCP-4986-1. SCP-4986-1 instances will always be a white envelope with a red stamp depicting George Washington. The envelope will always display the words “From a friend” on the front of the envelope. Handwriting present on all instances of SCP-4986-1 vary significantly with no style appearing twice. SCP-4986-1’s contents range from a folded piece of paper to a singing birthday card.

If anyone besides Researcher Jordan reads an instance of SCP-4986-1, another instance will appear within 24 hours. The writing on the front of the new instance will read: “With Concern, From a Friend”. SCP-4986-1 instances with this writing will always possess an unidentified poison contained within the envelope. The language within the letter will be insulting towards Researcher Jordan. This does not occur if the contents of the letter are recorded separately.

Packages Received from SCP-4986 are designated SCP-4986-2. SCP-4986-2 will not appear in Researcher Jordan’s office rather inside of the Site 28 employee parking garage. SCP-4986-2 instances will always have “From a Friend” written on one side.

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